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Who Are We?

The idea that that youth involvement drives change in communities drives Youth For Humanity. A youth-led, non-profit organization, Youth for Humanity builds youth from a range of academic, social, racial, religious and cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations in Toronto to advocate about local and global humanitarian issues through its Humanitarian Ambassador Program. Alongside its local work with Humanitarian Ambassadors, Youth for Humanity also engages youth in its annual fundraising projects in developing countries. Since 2013, Youth for Humanity raised over $5,000 for projects in Turkey, Thailand and Pakistan.

What We Do

Youth for Humanity teaches youth to become stronger community advocates through our Humanitarian Ambassador Program. In the Humanitarian Ambassador Program, youth develop themselves as community leaders by participating in monthly workshops and in-field activities, fundraising for our annual international project in collaboration with a nonprofit organization and running their own campaigns.


Youth for Humanity also collaborates with not-for-profit organizations for its international fundraising project. In the past year, Youth for Humanity partnered with the Aghaaz School in Karachi, Pakistan, to raise $600 towards students’ tuition and meals for one year.



We provide programs for youth to expand their knowledge of social issues. One of our main programs is the Humanitarian Ambassador program. For more information check out our humanitarian ambassador page.


We provide humanitarian aid through both our local and international projects. For more information check our local and international projects pages.



We advocate about local and global humanitarian issues in order to raise awareness and knowledge. We have monthly workshops for our Humanitarian Ambassadors, and we regularly post about issues on our facebook and twitter pages.